Question by  RuthLD (1)

How do you keep organic sugar soft??


Answer by  claudia (249)

With organic sugar or any other sugar like brown sugar one of the easiest way to keep them soft and easy to use is with the help of a little clay disk and water you find in any good cooking store. But the disk in the bag and you never have problems again.


Answer by  malone (4817)

There is a little terra cotta (clay) disk that you can get at stores that specialize in cooking gadgets. You soak it in water for 10 minutes or so, dry it off and put it in the bag/container with the sugar. It will never be hard again.


Answer by  mjc4000 (5)

In order to keep organic sugar soft you may try some of these suggestions. The first is to keep it in an air tight container. You can also buy items in fine houseware departments or stores that prevent sugar from getting hard. These are usually successful preventing sugar from hardening.


Answer by  dwammer (710)

Organic sugar get clumpy easy. All you have to do is put a Saltine cracker inside a sealed container of sugar and the cracker absorbs the moisture.


Answer by  sns34 (144)

Make sure you keep the sugar in a cool and dry place. It is a natural product, so you can't control what happens. In case it hardens, place in a microwave safe container and heat for 30 second intervals until the sugar has softened.

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