Question by  GreenGoblin (39)

How do you hook up an HDTV converter box?


Answer by  theajades (34)

Turn off televison, unhook antenna. Insert antenna to converter box at "antenna in port". Attach audio/visual cords to telvision and converter box. Use coaxial cable if there are no audio/video port on television. Insert cable where antenna was removed and to "output to TV" port on converter box.


Answer by  MaddyandBraydensMommy (10)

First of all a converter box requires an antenna. First plug the converter box into the wall with the provided power supply. You will then hook the antenna up on the coax connection labeled antenna in. Next, use coax cable and connect it from the connection on the back of the box labeled to tv or tv out.


Answer by  kennethjgoodson (4903)

You are going to need an antenna and you just plug the box into the tv and plug the antenna to the back of the box. It shows on the back of the box to tv and in antenna and then you will turn it on and program the box by hitting the menu button.


Answer by  bob6518 (319)

It's hard to give more specific instructions without knowing exactly what products you have, but the box should have come with the appropriate cables and instructions. Simply follow the instructions and hook up all the cables. The box should not require much additional setup other than plugging in teh cables.


Answer by  thekingoffling (58)

Make sure the TV is off and unplugged from the antenna. The antenna should be connected to a white or black coaxial cable. Connect the television antenna to the HDTV converter box at the "antenna in" port on the back. Hook up your A/V cables and you should be good.

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