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Question by  ziggy (15)

How do you adjust the vertical hold on a television?

I need to adjust the vertical hold on my television.


Answer by  Betty46 (60)

Usually by turning the vertical hold button one way or the other until the picture quits flipping. Some televisions have the button on the front, some are located in the back of the TV. So you might need another person to help by watching the screen while you adjust it.


Answer by  arushapatel (47)

There is no adjustment on the newer styles of TVs like yours. The vertical IC, and all of the capacitors need to be replaced near there. I would suggest looking into a new TV, but buy the extended warranty,they don't make TVs like they used to.


Answer by  klm54 (6)

Wow, you must have an old television set. I didn't think modern TVs even have this setting any longer. There used to be a knob yuo would turn -- one direction would send the picuture scrolling from top to bottom , and vice versa. You just play around with the know until the picture "locks in place" and becomes steady.


Answer by  matthewmch (138)

Try fiddling with your on screen menu. Look for a video adjustment menu and ultimately the vertical hold tab. Using the direction buttons manually set your vertical hold.


Answer by  turkworker (1007)

To adjust the vertical hold on your television, go to the Service Menu of your TV. Scroll down to the Video Adjustment option in this menu, and select "vertical hold" on this menu.


Answer by  bandy (3)

On the TV mount on the back of your set you should see knobs or screws meant to tighten the hold and keep your desired angle. Should these slip even once you've tightened it fully your set my be to heavy for that particular mount.

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