Question by  hitu (7)

How do you hide the pudge?

I have pudge I need to hide.


Answer by  Roland27 (16334)

What people can't seem to grasp is if you have a little extra pudge DO NOT wear tight clothing, you will only look worse. If you want to hide pudge in certain places wear a top that is a little baggier in the spot where your pudge is.


Answer by  Supermom (107)

Hiding the pudge is quite easy. Women should wear flattering shirts and dresses with an empire waist. These cuts will gather closely under the bust then flow away from the tummy area. Jackets and blazers also help. Men should choose shirts that fit comfortably and jackets also help. Avoid any kind of body shirt.


Answer by  alz (2329)

The best way is by wearing clothes that fit and flatter your figure. Something too tight will make the pudge stand out and you look bigger in something oversize.


Answer by  paige5999 (20)

You might want to consider something like Spanx. They sell a variety of pudge-hiding undergarments, like tights, underwear bras, and full body coverage items too (girdles basically). Otherwise just buy clothes that fit, don't pay attention to size at all.

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