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Question by  lovellagrey (21)

Where is a good place to hide a key?

I need to hide a key outside for when I get locked out.


Answer by  watchovaya (26)

Inside a yard ornament that you make for yourself. Buy a plastic gnome or other statue and cut a hole in the bottom, saving the removed piece. You can put the key inside and replace the bottom, using pliable putty or duct tape to hold it in place.


Answer by  Adrian29 (547)

Anywhere that you are thinking of hiding a key forget it now. This is the most common way that burglars get in. If you must hide a key, then I suggest you bury it in a small box somewhere. Ive also thought that hiding it in the dog house is a good idea. No one will approach our dogs.


Answer by  hello93 (149)

A good place to hide a key is under some stones, decorative item or a planter in the yard You might have a mat, but most people look there. Make sure and remember where you put it.


Answer by  klvan (421)

A good place to hide a key would be under a mat. If you dont have a mat, you could put it on top of your door.


Answer by  akukla (55)

A spare key can be placed in a magnetic key box and hidden on the underside of your metal downspout. Preferably in the back yard. Alternatively, if you have a deck or patio box. Put a hasp on it and use combination lock. A spare key can be hidden inside.


Answer by  mofire (13)

You have so many places outside around your house where you can hide a key. You can purchase a lock box from a hardware store to have more security wherever you place it outside.

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