Question by  jrrera (19)

How do you go about painting patio furniture?

I want to paint it a bold color.


Answer by  ivy (134)

Sand the furniture to get rid of any minor imperfections and so that the new paint will adhere. Vacuum the dust off and go over the area with cheese cloth to make sure it is clean. The best paint to use is spray paint to avoid brush strokes and drips.


Answer by  Kat8920 (43)

Use the appropriate spray paint for wood, plastic,PVC,or whatever your furniture is made of. Put an old sheet on the grass or driveway, spray a few light coats to cover.


Answer by  Brian96 (140)

First sand the furniture. If there are many old paint layers use a burner to get the paint off. Then use some degreasing product like ammonia to clean the surface, this will also remove any grease. First paint furniture with a primer, then apply the desired paint. Apply a few layers to get a result that will last for years


Answer by  vegaspace (63)

The first step to painting patio furniture is to strip the old paint. Next, sand off the uneven areas. Last choose a color, then paint the patio furniture.

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