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Question by  elspethc (44)

How do you go about cutting a fauxhawk?

My son wants a fauxhawk and I think I can do it myself.


Answer by  perfectlocks (87)

With long clips, clip away the "MOHAWK" section. Cut sides-modest desired length. Do not cut too short it would then be a real Mohawk. Then UN-clip Mohawk section and part it evenly down entire section and comb down. Cut entire section once pulled down to previously cut hair at sides.


Answer by  NGoodson (3395)

If you already know how to cut hair then it should be easy for you to give your son a fauxhawk. You'll just want to cut the back and sides normally (kind of like a fade) and leave a lot of hair on top. You want to leave more hair in the center than on the sides of the top.


Answer by  Cheek (124)

A fauxhawk is faux, meaning fake. You don't actually cut the hair. You can use gel, and styling products to reduce the look of the hair on the sides. To cut a mohawk begin with sectioning it into three parts, cut length with scissors, then shave the rest with clippers.


Answer by  HairDiva (61)

A faux hawk is a fairly simple style to achieve with little style expertise required. I suggest you keep the sides about two to three inches shorter than a band of hair (about 2 inches in width) at the crown of the head and style with gel and a brush.


Answer by  maynebenefits (68)

First measure the thickness of your fauxhawk, then wash the hair well with shampoo and dry it well. Trim off the hair on the sides and middle hair should be long.


Answer by  Vicki87 (436)

Cut the hair short, about two inches long. Then use good styling gel, put in on your hands and shape the hair in the middle into the desired point


Answer by  ulisses (291)

first you have to get your hair to growa nice length that you want then you will have to get some nice clippers to cut the sides of your hair

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