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Question by  Suzy (27)

How do you get rid of weeds?

I want my weeds to be gone forever. Is this possible?


Answer by  bluesun (96)

The only way to truly be rid of weeds forever is to completely kill you lawn and pour down concrete or cover your yard in astro-turf. But realistically, a person could continually re-seed their lawn at the appropriate times and use a weed and feed product every season.


Answer by  treemom (334)

Even pavement gets cracks which get weeds. If you want your yard to be weed-free, it will take effort. If you start early it takes less effort. We use a preemergent in flower beds and a broadleaf killer in lawns once per year. This is effective.


Answer by  flowerlady (241)

The safest way to get rid of weeds permanently is to pull the weeds before they make seeds. If you have too many to pull, then keep them mowed as short as possible so they won't make seed, and they should eventually die. You can also spray individually with Roundup.


Answer by  siera22 (5)

Weeds can't be gone forever. the best thing to do is pick them, but make sure you get pull them out by the roots.


Answer by  margiep (422)

Pulling weeds is the best way to eliminate weeds organically. Buying a weed killer from your local gardening store should also do the job.


Answer by  herzog (555)

While many would say a spray is the easiest way to get rid of weeds, there are alternatives in some cases. For instance rolling mustard plants early in the morning will break their stems as they are brittle in the cool of the morning. The broken plants will then die and you haven't harmed the grass.

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