Question by  Zeke (45)

How do I get rid of nutsedge in my yard and garden?

Is it a weed?


Answer by  kavitha63 (12)

Nutsedge can spread by roots but mainly by seeds.Pulling and mulching is the best way to go. This applies to all weed control.The best way to keep weeds down is to spend a couple of minutes each day keeping them at bay,rather than waiting until the over run the garden


Answer by  case (1261)

A weed is any plant that you do not want to grow in a particular area. You can dig it up and spread weed killer since you don't want it.


Answer by  Taylor17 (155)

This is a weed with extremely high growth rate. It is a weed that is pretty hard to get rid of. Companys charge a lot to do this.

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