Question by  worker8259 (68)

How do you get rid of squirrel's?


Answer by  FishyFoo (135)

Squirrels gather due to a source of food. You must get rid of that source in order to deter the squirrels. You may have a tree that produces nuts. This is like a squirrel's paradise because they will make a nest in your tree and will feed off of it. You also should get rid of bird feeders.


Answer by  k0nok0 (224)

This may be a little mean, but I had a squirrel infestation at our horse ranch they ate through bags left feces in horse food, it was a mess. We got two outdoor cats and the population decreased nicely only fed the cats once at night a big meal and they hunt during the day.


Answer by  Lacey (111)

Depending on what you mean by getting rid of. You can trap them in a metal cage, and release them into the wild. You can prevent them from coming around chewing on your house by using hot sauce, possibly red pepper.


Answer by  wanderingcricket (72)

There are several options to erradicate squirrels. You can trap and relocate them. Or you can prevent them from entering a house by sealing all entrances.

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