Question by  midknight (8)

How do you get rid of raccoons?

Living in the country has resulted in raccoons getting into my trash, how do I stop them from doing so?


Answer by  DanielleG (219)

build a structure to keep your trash in, like a little shed. You could get motion lights to scare them, but that be more of the bother due to any small animal setting them off. I know they are often scared away by loud noises, so maybe pot or pans on the top of your garbage can as an alarm?


Answer by  Wraith (191)

Live traps are the only humane way to get rid of the little pests but they tend to be expensive. Often times your local humane society or conservation agency will have traps that you can rent for a small fee instead of having to buy the traps yourself. They can also show you how to use them correctly.


Answer by  aradosev (47)

In order to stop the raccoons from ransacking your trash (or at least greatly minimize it! ), first start out by thoroughly cleaning the area outside your house. If you have a garage, you might try storing your trash cans inside until trash day comes. Try to keep the lids closed!


Answer by  AlanNadaskay (63)

To stop raccoons from digging through your garbage would be to either leave the trash cans in your garage or home by the door until the trash man comes or by simply buying raccoon resistant trash cans. The website provided features some products that are animal proof for people.


Answer by  Anonymous

get those people to remove it like the exterminators. I had like 3 of them in my attic and they got them in a cage.

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