Question by  et (154)

How do you get rid of prostate infection?


Answer by  Thena (145)

You can not treat a prostate infection without seeking the advice of a doctor. At home, you may take a pain relief medication such as Ibuprofen, Aleeve, or Tylenol. Prostate infections require strong antibiotics as treatment, and serious complications can result from not seeing a doctor. Prostate infections often require hospitalization, so don't put off seeing a doctor.


Answer by  writergalfriday (325)

The most common way is for the doctor to prescribe an antibiotic, such as Septra or erythromycin. Also, changes in diet, the elimination of smoking and alcohol and increasing fluids, such as water or cranberry juice can also help. Individuals with chronic infections may need to be hospitalized. Check with your doctor before starting any treatments.


Answer by  juanita57 (1374)

You would go to a doctor to get him to check you out and he will put you on antibotics.


Answer by  JumboCow (217)

I would recommend you go to the doctor if you have a prostate infection. You are likely to be treated with a course of antibiotics to help treat the infection and may be placed on a special diet.

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