Question by  worker757994 (8)

How do you get rid of mice in the home?

My cat isn't doing anything.


Answer by  Sue17 (136)

Aside from the poison you can use as well as multiple traps that are out on the market. I have found that placing steel wool at all openings at in your home (such as near the spouting and ridge vent), it will prevent mice from coming into your home forever.


Answer by  sparksteacher (134)

If you want to get rid of mice in your home, you need to have some mouse traps. There are some traps that will catch mice, but will not harm other pets like cats or dogs. Also, there are electronic pest deterrents that you can plug into the wall. They emit a sound that drives mice away.


Answer by  fancbiz (952)

Use rat poison and ensure all the dark corners in the house are well lit. Do not leave your dust bin uncovered since they are constantly in the house because they can get food and secure hiding places.

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