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Question by  Cole (26)

How do you get rid of ground moles?

My yard is full of them.


Answer by  eiryck (847)

Considering that moles dug holes as their hiding places, one pratical way to get rid of it and not harming it is by putting a trap in the hole they dug by placing an elongated jar. If one is trapped, then it could be transfered in another place unharmed. On the other hand, it could be killed by whacking it.


Answer by  granniek (24)

You can get poison pellets of traps. I don't find either of these work too well. The best thing I have found is castor oil products that are sprayed on.


Answer by  sabozeka (611)

Moles can be eradicated by trapping, gassing, repellants or the use of mole baits.Trapping is beast done in the spring that way you catch the pregeant females.Mole baits such as Talparid look and feel like earthworms and kills within 24 hours.


Answer by  MrMoleman (17)

One way is to set up either catch-and-release or lethal traps. Another way is to flood them by putting a hose in, and catching them when they attempt to escape.

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