Question by  kalai2492 (27)

How do you get movie premier tickets?

Is it even possible to get them as a regular person?


Answer by  kirri (478)

The average person can not purchase movie premier tickets. These tickets are generally reserved for celebeties and who they chose to bring along. unless you are involved in the making of the film it is almost impossible to get tickets to a movie premier.


Answer by  moviegeek (48)

The best way is if you know someone in the movie industry, however you can register for websites that offer tickets to movie premieres. By checking a search engine you can be directed to one of those sites. However, most movies premiere in LA if you don't live there it might be more difficult.


Answer by  zombieguy (986)

The easiest way to see a movie premiere is to live in Los Angeles or New York and to have friends who work in the movie industry.


Answer by  janezetta (244)

It's pretty hard to get them but if you register with Entertainment Weekly. com's email list they send out notifications of premier ticket contests that you can win.


Answer by  danpersand (246)

Premiers are typically %70 or so invited audiences. If your not of the list, you have to buy tickets as early as possible.


Answer by  thisismenow (69)

Unfortunately, it's very difficult to obtain movie tickets for premiers. Typically, movie premiers are in Los Angeles, California and New York City, New York. If you are located in these areas pay attention to radio stations. Sometimes they give them away. Occasionally, tickets are available. So keep your eyes open.

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