Question by  malininajeeb (7)

How do you find help for an allergic skin rash?

I'm broken out, but I don't know what to do.


Answer by  Simon (54)

What might be a big help is to establish what caused the rash. Immediate treatment can be an anti-itch ointment. Go on line and type in skin rashes. You can also make an appointment with a dermatologist.


Answer by  chienar (65)

Avoid further exposure to whatever caused the break out. Cleanse the area with a mild soap and water. Apply hydrocortisone cream to the rash area. Take some benadryl to quell the itch. Consult your doctor of pharmacist if the rash does not improve or dissipate. Consider discussing allergy testing with your doctor - especially if you don't know the cause.


Answer by  Tini (221)

Try taking some benadryl, an antihistamine, but if you start having a hard time breathing or feel your throat closing, go to the doctor immediately!


Answer by  wj (646)

Wash thoroughly with warm water and dry yourself gently with a plain cloth. Take an antihistamine tablet. Apply a gentle cream like Salvon or E45 cream to the affected area.


Answer by  Patrick7 (106)

I would say first, go to your regular doctor for a check up. There are also some creams available, I believe, that help cure rashes. When I had a skin rash that spread to most of my body, I just waited a few days, and it actually went away by itself.


Answer by  posti (99)

Attempt to find if you are allergic to for example your washing powder or conditioner. Also certain textiles, shampoo, body wash or other product you use make it worse. I would consult a doctor for an appropriate lotion. For first aid, use some good quality, non perfumed, oil based lotion.

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