Question by  Qadoc (37)

What kind of rash is the same color as skin?

My dear daughter has a rash but it is the same color as her skin, just tiny bumps.


Answer by  Dana46 (2345)

Many types of rashes can present with different symptoms, such as bumps without color. To see if this rash is simply contact dermatitis or the reaction of dry skin, wash with a mild soap and apply baby oil to the area.


Answer by  km8738 (1917)

Early last summer I had a poison ivy rash that was the same color as my skin. The bumps, however, could be popped and would ooze out a clear liquid.


Answer by  westphall (79)

The tiny bumps could be acne. They just take a really long time to form. Try using Talc Powder. I'm told it works good if it is acne. Try this remedy first. If it doesn't improve, consult a dermetologist to find out what it could be. Why spend extra money to see a doc if you can cure it yourself.

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