Question by  BranandMike (148)

How do you find about about the origins and heritage of your surname?

I hear a lot of stories about my ancestors and I'd like to know more.


Answer by  meggles83 (20)

I personally asked my mother where our name came from and she told me. Another resource is to go to your local library and research your family's history.


Answer by  mm143 (88)

In searching for information about my surname, I found many practical places to find the information. I started at the website Ancestry Online, and moved onto to a genealogy website that allows to search not just the meaning and origin, but also possible extended relatives. This is how I discovered I was a very distant cousin to Daniel Boone.


Answer by  Teresa32 (314)

There are many websites that are dedicated to geneology. Try to find sites on the past U.S. census studies that were taken. And you might start with your own family as well. Ask your parents and grandparents to start. Or you can try your local church, they usually keep good records.

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