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Question by  Bardzot (64)

How do you find a relative for free?

I owe him money, and I want to repay him.


Answer by  bunkerhill (825)

If you know his first and last name and the city he resides in, you can do a white pages search. If you have no idea where he lives, just search by his name and start making calls.


Answer by  rabbui (275)

You can use a website like Whitepages or a People search directory. Another option might be to look in local newspapers for public notices that may contain a name.


Answer by  Rosebud (334)

You could try asking other relatives to see if they know his whereabouts. Also, try facebook or another social networking site.


Answer by  luckie (16)

The easiest way to locate a relative for free is by googling their first and last names and see if it will come up.

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