Question by  benicio (257)

How do you exchange business cards in Asia?

I'm concerned about the etiquette involved.


Answer by  candicandi (42)

It depends on what country in Asia you are in. In Korea, putting the card away too soon or looking at the card too long is regarded as impolite. In China, you need to present your card before you ask for another person's. Also, in China, do not write on any card you receive!


Answer by  Bob1006 (169)

Offer your business card to the other party with both hands. Always accept other's business cards with both hands. Then read the name and title in a respectful voice.


Answer by  ranakhan (164)

Whenever people meet,they 1st of all formally greet and then after introduction one person tells others about his business etc and then asks to keep card visit at any time..

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