Question by  z9834 (14)

How do you embed video in e-mails?

I don't want to send it as an attachment.


Answer by  skott (12)

You should be able to go to the video site, and find a video you enjoy or would like to send to someone. Click on a button that says share or embed copy the code that you find, and then take it to your email. Compose a new email, and paste the code. Then send the email!


Answer by  Zenki (231)

I dont think its possible to embed video in e-mails, just try to upload your video in your facebook account (register if you dont have) and write the link in your e-mail.If you want it to be seen in private just change the settings of your facebook.


Answer by  Scott2436 (104)

First, you need to upload it to a web hosting site, like Youtube or Vimeo. Once uploaded, the site you chose should give you several codes for embedding the video in HTML, forums, etc. One of the codes should be specified as "email". Use this code in your message.

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