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Question by  ratheesh21 (12)

How do you detect termites in the home?


Answer by  Bob4614 (41)

Signs of termite infestation include termite swarms in the area, sawdust or wood pulp under wooden overhangs, or holes in wood.


Answer by  alexandru (19)

i go to a shop to buy a special glue with a piece of paper and i put this paper with glue on the wall. after 2 days there are a lot of termites glued! thanks


Answer by  Ginny (2251)

Drywood termites swarm; you may see them. Their bodies are one piece, not like ants with wings. You may see small piles of sawdust which is fecal material, especially around windows and doors. You may find wings on countertops or furniture. They are difficult to detect and may require a professional inspection.

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