Question by  likeajellyfish (15)

How do you design a book cover in photoshop?

I need to design a cover for a book that I wrote and have photoshop.


Answer by  mathivanan (84)

select the outline from the paths palette on command/click, drag the image in to the work file by using move tool, you can use select the tool by pressing tab and V.


Answer by  Light61 (12)

Layering technique - you can easily edit the design you want. Create picture that best represent your book. Put your name as the author and title (Centered-Highlighted).


Answer by  Prakash (55)

Designing cover for a book can be done easily using paint. In Adobe photoshop create a new document and then select the image size you want. Then select Paint Bucket Tool and fill the page with your desired color.


Answer by  ramizq1 (185)

There are plenty of good resources on the internet such as good-tutorials, etc, describing in detail how to design different kinds of book covers in Photoshop.

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