Question by  nathan63 (20)

How do you delete the history of your Google searches?


Answer by  fuse (105)

To do that you have to open your browser. After that you have to find on the top of the page the menu tools. Then you select internet options and you click on delete navigation history. You will see a progression bar until the complete history is deleted. It is simple like that.


Answer by  Touchdown (317)

You are able to delete the history of your Google searches within the web browser that you are using. In Microsoft Internet Explorer, go to Tools, then Options, then Clear History. In Firefox go to tools, then go to clear recent history. This will ensure that your web history is cleared on your PC.


Answer by  Karthon (403)

Your history of google searches are stored as "cookies" on your computer. To clear them, find the "clear browsing history" for your appropriate web browser. For example, if you're using Internet Explorer, do a google search for "Internet Explorer clear browsing history. "


Answer by  duneraider21 (149)

Depending on what web browser you're using, you can go to "Tools", navigate "internet options" for internet explorer or "clear recent history" in firefox, and then delete all cookies, etc. You can also download CCleaner from ccleaner. com and use the "cleaner" tool to analyze your drives and delete all junk files including your browsing history.


Answer by  Tails (130)

Assuming you're using IE 7, the most common browser, click the Tools menu, choose "Delete Browsering History" and click the "Delete forms" button. Your past searches won't appear anymore. If you want to delete a specific search from the list, you can also use the Delete key when it's highlighted.


Answer by  leonia (103)

On your internet icon you should be able to right click and see something that says "Tools/Internet Options" From there you can delete cookies, and websites visited history

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