Question by  bozguy (22)

How do you delete page tiling in Adobe Illustrator?


Answer by  jjjon (38)

it has got to be done with care because sometimes that may disable the best feutures of adobe if your going to do it do it with care.


Answer by  brilliance (54)

Click, and hold the left mouse button while carefully moving the pointer across the page, top to bottom, making sure to catch everything. Make sure that everything on the page has been selected to insure that this will succeed, then, press the delete button, and the problem should be resolved.


Answer by  peter24 (11)

Select the page by dragging the mouse pointer over the page as you hold down the left mouse button. Drag the mouse pointer from the top of the page precisely to ensure the entire page is completely selected. Note that any text within the page, object or diagrams will be respectively selected. Press the delete button on the keyboard.


Answer by  murali680 (559)

Select the page what content you want to delete by dragging the mouse from top to bottom. Also select if any diagrams and objects was not selected. Then delete button on the keyboard.

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