Question by  LadyG (12)

How do I use the tool for gradients in Adobe Illustrator?

I can't figure out how to use the slider bar for the gradients editor in this program.


Answer by  BigMomma2 (132)

I think the easiest way I have found so far is a simple drag and drop method. Make sure that your Swatch palette and Gra­di­ent palette are open and then drag and drop one of the colors from the Swatches palette down onto the gra­di­ent bar.

Reply by JoeyT (78):
Option/Alt and clicking the slider along with the drag and drop needs to be done to in order for it to work rite.  add a comment

Answer by  NessieGirl (103)

oh well there is a simple trick to it. when you select your slider slider that needs chang­ing you click it once and then press “i” and with shift click on the sam­ple image. The trick is you need to hold the shift button down to be effective.


Answer by  VintageGlory (93)

The Adobe Illustrator comes with a tool tips and tutorial on the use of the Gradient Mesh Tool and Gradient Tool. Look for the "help" button in Adobe and search for "tool tips tutorial" and it will tell you how to pull it up so you can go through it.

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