Question by  billyb (562)

How do you create shapes in Adobe Illustrator?

I am needing help with Adobe Illustrator, I can not find a tutorial online, can you assist me?


Answer by  Bub (44)

Just click on the rectangular shape tool on the toolbar of Illustrator. There you can find preset shapes that you can use. However if you do want to make custom shapes you can use line segment and curve line tools also located in the toolbar. You can connect these shapes and lines to make your own custom shape.


Answer by  kseve (46)

To the left of illustrator is a toolbox with multiple different icons.There is an icon that looks like a circle. Click and hold on this button and a drop down of other icons will appear. Select anyone you wish and select and drag to draw them in your project.


Answer by  MPX (171)

In order to create shapes in Illustrator CS(X) you must start the program, then, you must create a new document. Next you must go to go to the left tool bar. On the left tool bar you will see a button with a rectangle inside it so you must press-and-hold for all the available shapes.


Answer by  gigo (1706)

Select rectangle and draw a rectangle on your document. To reedit use the direct selection tool (white arrow). Grab the direct selection tool, hold down shift and click one of the blue dots on the shape. Now the blue point turns to white. You can grab this point and move it. This will create odd shapes.


Answer by  Engineer (49)

There are accually little crop icons that have icons on them. you can click on the icons drag ur cursor accrossed ur screen and drag to get the length, shape, size, and all sorts of other exciting things, you can even try 's new product to help remove acne and stuff like that on faces.

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