Question by  ccountz (27)

How do you contract HIV?

I hear so many different things, I don't know what to believe.


Answer by  Caprica (125)

HIV is found in either blood or certain bodily fluids (semen, vaginal secretions), and it can enter the body directly into the bloodstream, or via certain delicate mucous membranes.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

You basically get it through unprotected sex with an individual that has the Virus, or by using hypodermic needles if they are infected with the Virus, or through a small cut if they have a cut and you have a cut and through the exchange of bodily fluids is how you get the Virus.


Answer by  Katie57 (169)

HIV can be contracted by contact with blood, semen, and vaginal secretions. You cannot get HIV by hugging or kissing someone who has the disease. It is most commonly spread through sexual contact and intravenous drug use (needles).


Answer by  Leanan (234)

HIV is a sexually transmitted disease. Sexual intercourse with a HIV-positive person can transmit the disease unless a condom is used. HIV can be transferred through blood and organ donations.


Answer by  bean11 (2803)

HIV is an extremely serious sexually transmitted disease. It can be transferred through any type of bodily fluids. The most likely way to get HIV is through blood, which happens often when intravenous drug users share their needles. You can also contract HIV through fluids exchanged when having sex. It can also occur through saliva, though this is least likely.


Answer by  Redav (231)

Sexual act with infected people, transplant of contaminated organs or blood, from mather to children by pregnancy, part and lactancy, only situations that invlolve direct transfer of contaminated blood.

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