Question by  rjprecording (56)

How do you connect the ice maker to the water line in a refrigerator?


Answer by  Freddie13 (13)

Read the instruction manual that came with your refrigerator because it probably contains specific instructions for hooking up the icemaker to the refrigerator. If the manual does not contain the specific instructions you can contact the the maker of your refrigerator for more details on how to hook up the water line.


Answer by  mako (289)

Most refrigerators come with ready-to-install connections that will fit most service lines. You can easily attach the connection with pliers or a wrench. Be careful not to overtighten the connection.


Answer by  japratt (1687)

If you are wanting to connect these two line you will have to located the first line in your freezer. You will next have to connect that line with the one on the box.


Answer by  chunt (25)

Your ice maker should already be conected to an external water input line. In order to conect this line to your homes water line you will need to buy a 3 way adapter, these adapters are pretty simple to install. You can pick up these parts at any hardware store, and they will come with detailed instructions.

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