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Question by  Renee22 (12)

How do you connect a ps2 to the internet?


Answer by  NoblesseOblige (444)

For a PS2 to be connected to the internet, it requires either a Slim PS2 or an earlier generation PS2 with an external modem. You would them connect the device like any other computer getting onto the internet, and use a browsing software (sold separately, mind) to cruise the internet. Very few games utilize this.


Answer by  Wheeljack (127)

well to connect a PSP to the internet is quite easy, U will simply take ur ehternet cabel from ur modem that u use and plug-it in the back of the Playstation easy as that. It has not wi-fi due to the time it was made.


Answer by  dkshadow (37)

Get your CAT5 Cable or Ethernet Cable Put one end of the cable into the port of the Network adapter Connect the other end in a free port in your router Turn on the PS2. Turn on modem (or router). Put in ps2 network disc. Go to the online section in the game. Create a network Configuration.


Answer by  arlexia (123)

You will need an ethernet cord due to the ps2 not having a wirless adapter. You also have a disk that you got with the system to install.

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