Question by  jheremans (1446)

How do you connect a Pioneer car stereo wiring to the car?


Answer by  bug57 (1048)

You'll need a wiring harness adapter, which can be purchased at a car audio store (i.e., Best Buy). This adapter will hook the pioneer to the car's wiring without cutting.


Answer by  Jelly69 (163)

The best way of wiring an after market car stereo is to use a harness. These harness can be purchased at most stores which do car stereo installation. It takes the wires from the after market stereo and converts it to the original car wiring. That's your best option.


Answer by  swamisarge (283)

Get the adapter kit for your car. Otherwise, get the diagram for the existing stereo and match/splice to the wire names of the universal Pioneer harness.

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