Question by  Adam1080 (32)

How do you clean a laser printer?

The pages are coming out with randome black lines through the text.


Answer by  spaffman10000 (469)

The transfer roller is probably shot. In most laser printers, this is part of the process unit which you swap out when changing the toner, so a new cartridge ought to fix this problem. As a last resort you can try wiping it with a soft clean cloth, but in all likelihood you will make the print quality even worse.


Answer by  Jo46 (394)

Try recalibrating by pulling out the ink cartridges and reinserting them. It should recalibrate on its own. Also, wipe the terminal of the black cartridge; could be gummed up.


Answer by  saga (5)

first clean the outer case get the soft cloth and also check for printer manual then turn off the printer dampen cloth with water wipe out side of the printer


Answer by  Dturk (132)

You should refer to the manual that came with your printer, or access the software that you have installed in your computer. Many printers have an option in their included software that automatically cleans them and gives you optimum printing quality.

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