Question by  Tricia (25)

How do you change sim cards in an AT&T phone?


Answer by  MeganB (27)

The sim card in located underneath the battery. If you need to change the card, first turn off your phone. Remove the battery cover on the back of the phone. Take out the battery. You should be able to see the sim card. Slide it out and insert new card.


Answer by  cac77 (111)

Your AT&T phone has a sim card located underneath the battery cover. To change sim cards, simply take out the old sim card and put in the new one.


Answer by  ijlalnoor (2656)

Well AT&T offers several phones. It depends on which phone you have, for example of you have an iPhone, you can look on the top, you will find a small hole. A small pin has to be inserted in there and your good to go. Other phones may have the Sim card slot under their battery.


Answer by  BrandauMelissa (26)

Take the battery plate off the back of the phone. Turn off the phone and take out the battery. There should be a multi-colored card either underneath or next to the battery. Slide that out and slide the new one in. Put the battery and the back cover back in place and turn on your phone.


Answer by  lex58 (35)

The sim card is located in the back of the phone under the battery. When you take the back off your phone remove the battery and the sim card should slide or pop out. Remove your old one and replace it with the new one you want in it. Replace the battery and the back of the phone.


Answer by  Chelsey (201)

First of all you need to visit an ATT store or call into customer service so they can change the sim number on your account. Once it is changed your number will then be attached to the new sim card. Once you have done that you simply insert the new sim card into your phone.


Answer by  mspurple (48)

Turn over your AT&T phone to where the battery is located. Take off the back cover and carefully slip out the battery the way it is shown in the manual of the phone. In there should be a slot for the Sim card, Take it out and switch.


Answer by  starrgazerlily (119)

most At&t sim cards are located behind the battery. Open the back, remove the battery and pull out the sims card.


Answer by  JamesJoiner (31)

Usually sim cards are located in a slot behind the battery. Remove the battery cover and the battery before you begin. There is only one way the sim card will fit due to its size and shape so you cannot go wrong.


Answer by  mrserna71 (19)

you just open the back cover of the phone and remove the sim card and replace it with the new as long as the sim card is from at&t

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