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Question by  MacPrince (14)

What size fish tank do I need for a snake?

I need a tank for my fish tank.


Answer by  toomanysnakes (20)

Your snake requires roughly one square foot of floor space for each foot of your snake's length. The height is not as important.


Answer by  scoyne88 (161)

It depends on the type of snake, its age and living conditions. I would say a minimum 50 gallon tank would hold an average size snake, make sure you check with a pet store.


Answer by  coco95 (234)

This depends entirely on what kind of snake you get. A good rule of thumb is that the snake should be able to stretch itself out completely in its tank.


Answer by  lwolves2001 (26)

The size of the tank depends on what type of snake you have. A garden snake use a 10 gallon, boa needs a tank the size of a small room.


Answer by  Noah (19)

It really depends on the kind of snake you get and what age it is. Some snakes need more ground area and some need more vertical space. A good size to start with though would be a 29 gallon. They're good for most snakes under 3 feet.

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