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Question by  MMan (22)

How do you care for a dwarf bunny?

My neighbors have one that they are giving to me.


Answer by  Suikerbuikje (28)

First of all you need to have a cage of at least 30 x 30 x 14 inch. Wire is better than wood because rabbits will chew on wood. Make sure that you keep the cage out of drafts. As far as food is concerned; pellets contain all the nutrients a rabbit needs and you can supplement with hay.


Answer by  Michele13 (1188)

A dwarf bunny has similar needs to a non-dwarf bunny.They don't need as much food,but they do need good food---rabbit pellets,plus vegetables like carrots and celery.They should be protected from dogs.Dwarf bunnies need to be protected from very hot and very cold conditions ads also need oppertunities for excercise.


Answer by  ttaya001 (5)

The best thing to do is make sure the bunny has enough food and water. Also play with the bunny as much as possible and give him or her love.


Answer by  Shan60 (19)

Dwarf bunny are smaller than rabbits have a sensitive digestive system, so I don't give cabbage and leafy vegetables leads to diarrhea. I give very safe fruits and moderate vegetables.


Answer by  slarp (52)

Dwarf bunnies are a very cute type of bunny that many people easily fall in love with. While these types of bunnies have common characteristics with full-sized bunnies, there are things that are unique to this type of animal. The most important thing to remember is that dwarf bunnies need a specialized diet.


Answer by  mallisia (54)

For one of those kind you need a good cage. you need to be sure to clean it every other day. be sure to buy it good food.

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