Question by  Gunjan (21)

How do you care for a dog with a brain tumor?


Answer by  Max82 (270)

If surgery is not an option then you can do your best to keep your friend comfortable. A change in diet may be necessary for easy digestion. You may also be required to give medications at home (follow all of your Veterinarians directions). Urinary incontinence is common in dogs recovery so be prepared to keep him clean and comfortable.


Answer by  Mojet (20)

It's extremely painful to care for a dog with brain tumor. It's too painful because we can not measure the pain dog has. Besides the emotional pain, brain tumor affects the part of brain that may change the behavior or agresivity. So I would restrict the dog from outside and gave the best medical care I can.


Answer by  Trueakitalover (1728)

You give them extra love and attention. You will have to make a decision one day that you won't want to do. Your best friend will let you know when the time is to let go of them. You will have to give them extra love and special treats. Take lot's of photos of your best friend that loved unconditionally.


Answer by  MsVet (38)

Follow precisely all directions from your vet. At home a capable dog will be happiest being allowed normal activity. Some brain injured animals may eventually show aggression as the disease progresses. Be vigilant. If this happens, or if treatment fails, euthanize the dog before the symptoms progress further. An aggressive dog, no matter what his former temperament, can be dangerous.


Answer by  rogera (788)

Many dogs have brain tumors, it is important to check the dogs behavior for changes, if blindness occurs and his intelligence level is different that take it to vet.The dog must be made comfortable, keep swelling down and keep him from having seizures Phenabarbitol is used for seizures and predizone is used for the swelling.


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

You will need your vet's advice on this illness. About the only thing you can probably do is to make the dog comfortable and make sure he gets his medications when needed.


Answer by  Rachel0518 (78)

Caring for a dog with a brain tumor requires cooperation with a veterinarian. Care must be taken to ensure the dog is comfortable and has a good quality of life. Regular communication with the veterinarian is necessary in this situation.


Answer by  cathyann (82)

There are three treatments for brain tumors in dogd and they are surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. You should follow any directions given to you by your doctor and treat the dog as it were a person. Don't expect the dog to be very active, remember what it is going through.


Answer by  katharine (3981)

A lot of it depends on how bad the brain tumor is and what the dog's prognosis is. The most important thing is to keep the dog happy and comfortable.


Answer by  jcw10 (14)

The best care for dogs in this situation is trying to keep them comfortable and with a decent standard of living.


Answer by  mammakat (11147)

As gently as possible. I am not being humorous, my heart goes out to you. Be ready for loss of function, and be prepared to do the kind thing.

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