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Question by  contestador (46)

How do you calculate volume?

I cannot remember the formula, but I need to know how much liquid can fit into a container.


Answer by  Qwedsa (96)

There are different ways to accomplish this depending on what shape you are talking about. If the container is a cuboid, the volume is length times width times height.


Answer by  Andres40 (40)

The volume is calculated by finding the area of the bottom (e.g: a circle's area is pi* radio^2) and multiply it for the height. That way you can know the volume of anything. That we we know that the volume of a square is the length of the sides^2 * height.


Answer by  MathTeacher (299)

Calculating volume is easy, but the formula needed depends primarily on the shape of the container. Prisms, which include rectangular and triangular prisms as well as cylinders, are popular shapes of containers because the have a flat base. The general formula would be Area of the Base(B) times height(H).


Answer by  suzieQ (21)

Depends on the shape of the object. Cube - Length X width X height. Cylinder - pi X r^2 X height.

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