Question by  mani (813)

How do you become a bishop in the Pentecostal church?


Answer by  bubbyboy (9929)

In the Pentecostal church a bishop is otherwise known as a superintendant. He is appointed for a four year term. Usually his dress is a suit and tie. He makes sure the church laws are followed.


Answer by  killermike (176)

You must first attend 4 years of seminary school. After graduation you may seek out a job as a pastor in a local church. Eventually you may be promoted.


Answer by  douglus (190)

To become a bishop in the pentecostal church today is many ways. So attain this title by having more members in their churches. Some become bishops through achievements in education.The high grade gives them the title. Others obtain the title by opening churches. Others obtain it by their rank in leadership.


Answer by  Evelyn (8)

There is no way to become a Bishop in the Pentecostal Church. You can only become a minister by gong to college and obataining your minsiter's liscense. You also need other kinds of degrees

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