Question by  gingerkurtz (7)

How do you apply a glaze over flat paint?

I'm not sure if I need to treat the wall or rough it up.


Answer by  Polynikes (11)

Glazing is done to protect the underlying paint job. First I would clean the flat paint surface with water. Once this is done I would apply the glaze.


Answer by  rohrbough91 (7)

A wall covered with flat paint should first be cleaned before applying a glaze. Be sure to wash the wall free of any oil or grease. For new surfaces you should sand, smooth, then dust it off. Be sure to fill in any cracks with an interior filler and use an undercoat. Apply a clear glaze to protect the color.


Answer by  Ryan12 (11)

Then make sure that the wall is clean, wash the surface down to remove dirt, grease, etc. Or if its a new surface sand it smooth and dust it off, fill in any cracks with interior filler and use an undercoat. Use a clear glaze that won't harm the color. After that, just apply it as you would normal paint.


Answer by  mobeshpal (6)

First, on the wall you give a primer colour. Then let it dry for sometimes, after it's dry on the wall u can apply a paint, then after sometime, u apply the glaze paint on the wall. Then it will be dry and so this way you put the flat paint over the wall..


Answer by  Anonymous

I painted a wall Poinsettia red with flat paint. Months later, I wanted a change. I used red maghogany stain over the red paint. Took a while to dry, but it is beautiful!


Answer by  lynch (12)

If I were you I would not go the route of glazing. If It was me and I had a wall or walls that were painted with flat paint, I would strip the paint and use a vibrant color. I have heard of some people glazing over flat paint to give it some durability.

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