Question by  jarod (32)

How do you change the color of cells in excel?

I would like to differentiate between my cells in excel by adding color.


Answer by  Delacascada (16)

Left click on a cell or hold the left button and highligh the group/row of cell. right click on the highlighted cells and select "format cells". left click the "fill" tab where it will promp you to a color set under "Background Colors". Select the color you wish to place on the cell and left click on the "ok" button


Answer by  exceluser (18)

There are two easy ways. Select the cell(s) you want to coloured, then 1) click on the Paint Tin icon or 2)right click the cell then, select format then Fill


Answer by  ieanne2000 (35)

You can change the background color of a cell in the Format Cells dialogue box. Select Format >Cells from the main menu. In the resulting dialogue box choose the Patterns tab. Select the color you prefer and click on OK. You may also choose the fill color icon from the formating toolbar.


Answer by  technogeek (6640)

Click on Format, then Cells, then click on the Patterns tab. From there, just pick the color that you want to use and hit OK.


Answer by  reinaldo (10)

You have more than one option. The one that works in every version of excel is: Selec the cells, press ctrl and 1 keys. Then select the texture or color


Answer by  ramizq1 (185)

Firstly, you need to select the cells on which you need to apply color (do this by clicking and dragging your pointer over cells). Then look in the Main/"Home" toolbar. The icon which changes cell color is to the right of the icon which has a picture of a bucket.


Answer by  girishsukhwani (74)

Its very simple. Select the cell/cells you want to change. Then go to Format in the menu bar,select cells. In Format Cells window,click Pattern and choose cell shading color.

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