Question by  pugs (8)

How do you add additional minutes to your at&t phone?

I have a pay as you go phone and need to add minutes to it.


Answer by  worker3742 (208)

Since you have a pay as you go phone, you will need to go to a local store and buy minute cards to resupply your phone with minutes.


Answer by  hellomoto (125)

To add additional minutes to your ATT phone you can buy a prepaid card and then go to the menu of your phone and add the code; or you can go online and do it with a credit card also.


Answer by  Taylor (863)

You can purchase additional minutes from a super-market such as wall mart, or you can actually call at&t with your credit card and add additional minutes. I think you can even find top off cards at cell phone stores.


Answer by  Tracipoo (1329)

All you have to do is buy a prepaid card. They are sold in different minute increments. Buy the card, and call the number on the back it. You have to call from another phone. The service is automated and the voice will walk you through the steps. At the end, you phone will show the minutes added. It's easy.


Answer by  meena (400)

You can add minutes to your phone. To add minutes you have to purchase addtional add on card and then you can activate and start using it. The calls can be added according to the plan.


Answer by  worker5167 (63)

If you have a pay as you go phone, you do not need to add minutes. The way that this type of phone service works is that for every minute you use, you are charged a certain rate. This can be beneficial if you do not know how many minutes you will use each month.

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