Question by  blockjon (22)

How do you 3 way people on a cell phone?

Is it possible on all cell phones to 3 way call?


Answer by  james53 (30)

Three way calling is a feture provided on most phones, but the way to access the feture is different on every phone. you might want to try pressing talk while you are on the line with someone or pressing options and look for three way calling. good luck with this - james


Answer by  voila (61)

No,it's not possible to make 3 way phone calls on all cell phones. But if your phone can,the ideal steps are these. Call the person you wish to talk with, then put them on hold and dial the other company and press the talk button. Wait for them to answer,and when they do press talk again and you have a 3 way call.


Answer by  MarkD (39)

This is how you make a 3 way call on a cell phone. Call the first number, once they answer, press send and call the next number. Once the second person answers, press send again and the call is connected. 3 way calling though is an option on most carriers.


Answer by  worker2930 (105)

While you are on a call, hit your menu button. Here you have additional calling options such as a 3 way or conference call. This is only activated if you are currently on the phone with someone, you will not see the option if you are not currently talking on the phone.


Answer by  Sadiesnana (28)

Yes, it is possible to 3 way call on a cell phone. Most phones have a 3-way call option in the menu portion of the phone.


Answer by  sujitha (10)

call the first person and say them to wait for one minute, then call the second person, wait till the second person pick up the call, then press the conference button. Now the three peoples were conected together.


Answer by  turkey98 (232)

Yes, it is possible. iPhones and Android phones can do it easily with an on-screen option. Other phones can do it too, but you will may to ask your phone carrier how. Search online for "your carrier 3 way calling". For example "verizon 3 way calling" shows a page with instructions for verizon.


Answer by  alicia47 (227)

Most cell phones have the option to three way a call.When on a call click in options and see if you have three way listed. When you see three way click on it and enter the number that you want to call. Then conference two calls together


Answer by  Chiyamaka (846)

There is no way to do this on a cell phone at the current moment. You can do this on a landline.


Answer by  Startwearinggreen (340)

My phone use to have a button that you could push, but you can ask your phone company or you can look in the booklet that came with your phone it should tell you in there.

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