Question by  nirmal (13)

Can you help me with installing illustrator and understanding what eps files are?

I need to understand illustrator and eps files.


Answer by  kamal (204)

EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript, and to install click on the "Print" command, then click on an "Export" command and finally click on a "Save as" command.


Answer by  ash15 (16)

f you are using CS2 and installed it right over CS, uninstall the application and reinstall cleanly. You can find instructions on how to do a "clean install" at Adobe. com.. One user reports that turning off PDF compatibility when saving eliminates the error. Another user reports that checking both AICB and PDF clip board compatibility in Preferences solves problem.


Answer by  mrandy (140)

EPS is an enhanced post script. It's a type of document which contains textual and vector data (usually to represent images). Illustrator is an editor for vector graphics, however not a free one. If you just need it for editing one image, I'd suggest trying Inkscape, it's free.


Answer by  DCGwyn (59)

In order to install illustrator, you must first but the program or get the free trial. If you buy the program its as simple as sticking in the CD and following the instructions. However if you decide to download the trial then first download, and run that folder to install illustrator. Eps files are the standard format for Postscript files.


Answer by  cuckoosygmailcom (86)

close all of your other applications, then open the folder and double-click Setup. exe and then follow the on-screen instructions.


Answer by  CatFud (30)

If you leave the default info you can the click next button until the install program starts copying files. There is some info you'll have to enter (your name and registration number). EPS is a kind of PhotoShop/Illustrator file. EPS stands for Encapsulated PostScript.


Answer by  pv7721 (116)

Adobe Illustrator is a commercial software, but which is supported, so the best approache would be to contact the Adobe support if you've got trouble installing it. eps files are the native format in which Adobe Illustrator saves files.

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