Question by  missaway4 (25)

How do I upgrade my computer's RAM?

I have a Sony VAIO PCV-RS520.


Answer by  jhughes (26)

Try entering 'Sony VAIO PCV-RS520 ram' into google. Most online companies that sell ram will show you which ram is usable for your system. Installing ram is simple. To remove a stick of ram press the two white tabs on its socket. Installation is the reverse


Answer by  Benjamin (69)

This computer can support up to 2 GB of PC-2700 DDR RAM modules. Buy the correct module(s), remove the case from your computer and firmly snap in the modules into the appropriate recepticles. The recepticle should be easy to find, as it looks like a coupling for the module.


Answer by  GreenSpider (79)

Consult your PC manufactures specifications. Next finds a good retailer. There are hounders on line with good prices. Follow your PC manufacturers instructions to install it. Be carefully most RAM has to be installed in pairs for best performance. Make sure the ram modules are securely seated in the motherboard.


Answer by  abdulfathah (79)

You can upgrade sony VAIO PCV-RS520 computer to up to a maximum of 2 GB memory by PC2700 DDR DIMMs type RAM. System has 4 sockets to install memory and you can upgrade it by adding 128 MB,256 MB or 512MB memory module to any of this slots.


Answer by  MPX (171)

You must look for this type of RAM: "PC-2700 333MHz DDR" (expandable to 2. 0GB) on any store or site, I recommend going to CompUSA to look for your kind of RAM.


Answer by  Suggestion (335)

Go to Crucial. com and they will help you upgrade your RAM. Their website can scan your computer. Purchase your RAM upgrade from them.

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