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Question by  ne3o (25)

How do I turn mixed gray hair to all white?


Answer by  Camelia (662)

You bleach it with some oxidants, like the ones used to go blond, and then apply a white shaded hair color cream, platinum shade preferably, and voila, you are an all white haired lady.


Answer by  headfirst (82)

Try a hair dye. There are many types of hair dyes that are safe and easy to use, that can help dye hair color to white without damaging your hair!


Answer by  Cazz (68)

You may want to consider visiting your local salon and seeking the advice of a color specialist. Color correction can be very tricky at first and it is always best to seek the advice of someone proficient in the field. After all, you don't want to fry your hair off.


Answer by  bellesouth (36)

Unfortunately, there is no way other than nature to turn your hair to all white. You can use rinses that will temporarily give your hair some sheen.


Answer by  LenaRenneker (210)

Consult with a stylist or colorist about getting highlights. There are many options available to lighten your gray/white hair while keeping it looking natural. A whiter gray is usually more flattering than all gray. Bleach can be used to lift up the darker gray tones.


Answer by  MelindaS (1694)

There are a number of hair coloring agents for sale in the health and beauty aisle at most stores, and some of them are for white or silver coloring. You can also see your local hair dresser to get your hair dyed.


Answer by  SubhashChander (1773)

There are certain chemicals available in the market which are skin friendly but can turn the mixed gray hair into all white but better consult some hair specialist.


Answer by  ruchir (32)

you want to all hair white so use hair colour product or do bleach on your hair.. but why you want to your hair all white beacause thats my thinking that our natural look its better then artificial look so my idea is that you dont do that make it natural

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