Question by  MissMessy (34)

Can you help me troubleshoot cd's that do not auto play?

My cd's are not auto playing.


Answer by  Rhianne (81)

When my cds don't play, I either spray them with Windex and wipe them on my shirt or soft cloth or give them a good lick over. Seriously! It sounds weird but it usually works!


Answer by  PZ (1206)

If you are using a computer with Windows XP installed, it is likely that autoplay has been disabled because of possible problems with the registry. Microsoft offers a tool you can download for free called AutoPlay Repair Wizard. It will scan your computer to find defective autoplay settings and attempt to repair them.


Answer by  worker9269 (16)

CD's usually have a file included on them called "Autoplay" that tells the computer which file to run when the CD is inserted into the CD drive.

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