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Question by  Karen35 (22)

When will I get my T Mobile final bill?

I canceled my account over a month ago?


Answer by  kd97 (733)

You should have received your final bill by now. If you have not received the final bill after 60 days, it is recommended that you contact the company to make sure they have issued one. If it has been lost in the mail, you could be sent to their collections department.


Answer by  janedoe (701)

If you cancelled your account at the end of a billing-cycle, you won't get another bill because you're paid up. Otherwise, contact TMobile if it's been more than 30 days.


Answer by  Califax999 (23)

You should be able to go online and request a statement finalizing the end of your contract or to see if you owe T Mobile any money. By law they are required to notify you if they seek to collect any money before you accrue additional late fees.


Answer by  rhonda515 (607)

You should get your final T-mobile phone bill at the end of the month. If you don't get it you should call the phone company.


Answer by  kbbaybee16 (350)

You should have gotten your bill, if you havent then i wouldnt wait any longer than 60 days because t-mobile could have made a mistake with your bill. call and make sure that the bill did actually cancel. if you have the time i would get in touch with t-mobile to see if it got lost in the mail


Answer by  Tracipoo (1329)

Once you cancel your service, depending on where you are in the billing cycle, you will get your final bill exactly one month from your next bill.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

I would think that they would have sent you a bill a while ago. I would contact them to see if there is a problem. You might have late charges already piling up.


Answer by  Mia79 (4)

I know when I canceled my account a couple of years ago, I received my bill when that current billing cycle was over.


Answer by  Taylor (863)

You should have already got your final bill from T Mobile, I would recommend you contact T Mobile customer support because there might have been some sort of mix up with your bill. Or it may have been lost in the mail.

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