Question by  Lindsay22 (39)

How do I take care of a new piercing?


Answer by  Anonymous

Never using rubbing alcohol it can damage the tissue and cause lumps and scarring delaying the healing process. Use a saline solution or look up recipes for the salt water solution you can make at home.


Answer by  Anonymous

use rubbing alcohol or piercing cleaning you got from a professional piercer and make sure your do it twice a day.Make sure you move it too so it doesnt close up during the healing period.Should take atleast a month or maybe less.


Answer by  Sheba (4)

You should keep the new piercing dry and let it get as much air exposue as possible. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol twice a day to clean around the pierced area and move the post in a circular motion to keep the skin from closing until healed.


Answer by  VictoriaWallace28 (63)

The best way to take care of a new piercing is to keep it clean. You can buy cleaning solution wherever you got your piercing or just use rubbing alcohol.


Answer by  winetou1984 (17)

take it off every now and then, and clean it very well with alcohol. it keeps you away from an nasty infection. do this for at least 2 months until your body gets used to the foreign object.


Answer by  Rose (6804)

Piercing's should be rotated in your ears twice a day, turn them by holding on to the post and moving them in a circular motion. In addition you should apply alcohol rub to your ears once a day, place it on a cotton ball at first and then hold the cotton ball to your ear.


Answer by  donnellx (2)

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