Question by  SiddharthKadu (14)

How do I soften the edges of an image in PhotoShop 3?


Answer by  leong (23)

You can soften the edges of an image by using the smudge tool. Select it from sub-menu also containing blur and sharpen, and move around the edges of the image.


Answer by  gwxe (25)

Create a new layer in base of your image, select the region you want to soften and apply a Gaussian Blur, finnaly put the transparency of the layer to 50% or a desire porcentage.


Answer by  Jonah14 (640)

As any process in Photoshop, there are many ways to achieving this. The simplest probably is choosing the blurring brush (gaussian blur) and colouring the edges of the respective image.


Answer by  robert38 (57)

In the filters menu, select blur, then Gaussian Blur. This feature can take hard edges off o the features in your photos.

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