Question by  Heidi (14)

How do I shift gears on a motorcycle?


Answer by  vijaykumar (13)

The gear pattern is selected by clicking a lever with your foot,and is typically laid out as follows: 5th gear-4th gear-3rd gear-2nd gear- neutral -1st gear... proper shifting technique requires the following maneuvers to be performed smoothly and delberately: 1. disengaging the clutch. 2. selecting the appropriate gear using the shift lever. 3. slightly revving the engine gradually using the clutch.


Answer by  Biker (19)

Lower the accelator to minimum. Hold and press your clutch. Shift your gear once with your leg. Then slowly release the clutch and raise the accelater simultaneously. Repeat the whole process for changing each gear.


Answer by  sanjay42 (57)

start the engine, check whether its in neutral stage or not,if its in neutral then no need to press the clutch if its in gear then press the clutch let it warm little bit ,press the clutch and then shift the gear,the pressing of clutch should not be half only because the clutch plates and other parts may damage early.


Answer by  Amber40 (24961)

There is a lever located to the left of the riders left foot. You start in neutral(one gear up from first), pull in the clutch and push the lever down to engage first, and let the clutch out. As you go down the rode you pull the clutch, shift up/down as needed, and release the clutch.


Answer by  worker1764 (19)

First redce the speed by reducing the acceleration and then you must apply clutches (that gives you he smooth sliding when applying gear)then shift the gears,accelerate. when it goes to the maximum speed you must apply the next gear for the higher speed by doing the same way. also for down the speed you must do the same thing.

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